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Meditation Audios

Meditation - 15 min

Morning Meditation for Greater Energy and Vitality

Revitalize your mind, body and spirit with our Morning Meditation for Greater Energy and Vitality! Say goodbye to stress and anxiety while boosting your focus and wellbeing. Discover the power of energy healing as you enhance your physical, emotional and mental balance. Join us today!

Morning Meditation for Greater Energy and Vitality

Meditation - 15 min

Bedtime Meditation For A Good Night's Sleep

Unwind and Recharge with Our Bedtime Meditation - The Ultimate Solution to a Peaceful Sleep! Say Goodbye to Restless Nights as You Enter a State of Complete Relaxation. Experience the Power of Energy Healing and Achieve Optimal Balance in Your Life. Get Ready for a Refreshing Morning and Embrace the Possibilities Ahead!

Bedtime Meditation For A Good Night's Sleep

Meditation - 15 min

Solar Eclipse meditation for Empowering Your Spiritual Energy

Discover renewed clarity, purpose and strength by tapping into the powerful energies of the eclipse, empowering you to let go of past limitations and embrace new possibilities. Whether seeking healing, guidance or simply a moment of tranquility, this meditation is a must-have for anyone looking to harness the power of the solar eclipse and empower their spiritual growth.

The Solar Eclipse And Your Spiritual Energy-for Store

Meditation - 15 min

Full Moon meditation for Gratitude and connection

Unlock the power of the full moon and unleash your strongest self with our guided meditation for gratitude and connection. Elevate your mind, body, and spirit as you harness the energy of this celestial event to cultivate gratefulness and strengthen your connections with those around you. Join us on this journey towards self-discovery and transformation today!

Full Moon Meditation

Meditation - 15 min

New Moon meditation for Abundance and Manifestation

Unlock the power of abundance and manifestation with our 15 min New Moon Meditation! Join us for a guided journey to harness the energy of this lunar phase, manifest your deepest desires, and attract prosperity into your life. Whether you're a seasoned meditator or just starting out, this powerful ritual is perfect for anyone seeking clarity, abundance, and transformation. Don't miss out on this opportunity to manifest your dreams - start your new moon journey today!

new moon meditation for abundance and manifestation

Meditation - 30 min

Guided meditation for Christmas and Soul Growth

Elevate your Christmas spirit and unlock the full potential of your soul with "Strongest Version Of Yourself" 30 min guided meditation. This transformative experience combines the enchantment of the holiday season with powerful energy healing techniques and energetic life coaching. Immerse yourself in a captivating journey towards self-discovery, growth, and ultimate empowerment. Ignite the true essence of who you are, as this confident meditation effortlessly guides you towards becoming the strongest version of yourself. Unleash your inner power and embrace an energized life like never before!!



Inner Balance

Bluetooth device for Android & iPhone

The Inner Balance™ sensor and app teach you how to shift from stress and frustration to balance and resilience with real-time feedback, based on your own heart rhythm. Learn how to synchronize your heart, mind, and body to create an inner state called coherence.

Clicking the button above will take you to the official HeartMath website.

HeartMath LLC Inner Balance Bluetooth Sensor for iOS and Android devices

Hypnosis Audios



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