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My Methods will Transform Your Energy and Change Your Life

As an energy healer and energetic life coach, I offer a powerful combination of healing modalities and coaching techniques to guide you on the journey towards becoming the Strongest Version Of Yourself!

You're feeling stuck and frustrated. You want to change but feel like you don't know how.

My energy healing and energetic life coaching sessions are designed provide a space for transformation and growth. Through various techniques, I will help you connect with your energy on a deeper level, so that you can experience renewal and restore harmony in your life. It's time to release those energies blocking you from feeling your best. You deserve to feel happy, healthy, and balancedI can help support you through the process of change by increasing your energy flow, helping you uncover any blocks or limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from living the life you deserve to live

Discover Your True Potential and Transform Your Life with Energy Healing for
Empowerment And Balance Empowerment And Balance

Sometimes we all get energetically stuck in life and need a helping hand to point us in the right direction.

Looking to find an energy healer?

Join with Robyn Abbatiello today for Energy Healing and Energy Life Coaching sessions that will transform you into the Strongest Version Of Yourself!

Reduce stress and anxiety

By releasing the tension and negative emotions that often store themselves in our physical and emotional bodies, we create more space for positive, life-affirming energy to flow freely within us. This newfound sense of balance and peace not only helps to alleviate stress and anxiety, but it also strengthens our immune system, enhances our mental clarity, and improves our overall health and well-being. Through the power of energy healing, we can free ourselves from the burdens of stress and anxiety and experience a heightened state of vitality and joy in our lives.

Increase energy and focus

When we make it a priority to increase our energy and focus, we are tapping into the vital essence that fuels our physical and mental capacities. Energy healing sessions can identify and remove blockages that hinder the natural flow of our energy, allowing us to feel more present, motivated, and focused towards achieving our goals. The benefits of increased energy and focus extend to all areas of our lives, amplifying productivity, creativity, and overall well-being exponentially. With energy healing, we unlock our true potential and raise our vibration to live life to its fullest.

Results Oriented Living Coaching Program

Create you dream life

By clearing away any energetic blocks that may be preventing us from manifesting our dreams, and by aligning our energy field with our highest vision, we can unleash our full potential and create a life that is fulfilling on every level. Through energy healing, we can tap into the boundless creative energy that exists within us and channel it towards our goals, bringing them into reality with greater ease and flow. Ignite the power of your inner light and start living a life beyond your wildest dreams.

An Energy Healer can help with:

Strengthening Loving Relationships

Diminishing Chronic Pain

Reducing Stress

Restoring Energy

Improving Sleep

Balancing Emotions

Expanding Intuition

Increasing Focus

Creating Resilience

"I would love to show you what services I offer"

Robyn Abbatiello

An energy healer's proven system


I started working with Robyn during my second pregnancy. It was the highlight of my week to have a session where I could connect with my baby on a spiritual and energetic level; all while feeling so loved, supported, and protected by my ancestors and spiritual guides. Robyn lead a powerful mediation where my soul and my baby’s soul were able to connect before they arrived, that in itself was unmeasurable.
Another powerful session that I had was when I was able to feel the baby flip into the correct birthing position. Prior to my session with Robyn, I had only two days left for the baby to flip on their own or I would have had to schedule an early C section. Being able to connect with my baby in this way, was a beautiful gift that I am still extremely grateful for.
Robyn brings pure love and light to her sessions which gave me the ability to strengthen my energetic connections with my own intuition and guides. Thank you Robyn for bringing your authentic self to every session and providing a space where I can have a soul deep connection with my baby.

Samm Durante


Working with Robyn was SO fulfilling! My concerns were each addresses and pinpointed. She is SOOOOOO gifted I can't say enough! I felt SO much leave my body right when she was clearing me! It DOES help to clear your mind first and relax and breath, light a candle and lay down to get comfortable. Ask your guides to be present and to assist Robyn with your healing. OH MY GOODNESS I'm such a believer of energy work now. Robyn has something so special and you should definitely let her help you if you are ready for a change!!! I HIGHLY recommend the telephone session because you can interact on such a deep level and ask questions for a yes or no answer. That was so helpful!!! We covered SO much and cleared so much. I am FOREVER grateful! As do I look forward to my next session. Robyn is a GEM people = Don't delay your physical and emotional health another day! Go for full healing however much work it takes. GOD BLESS YOU ROBYN that was an hour that cleared so much I AM so thankful. I LOVE YOU! When people experience your gift they will LOVE YOU also!


Christine Light


I have had the honor to work with Robyn for over a year. Her innate talent and expertise has enhanced my ability to tap into my own energy in healthy ways. Robyn creates a warm, welcoming setting for all who are seeking to enhance their own energy and life. Robyn has been an integral component in my journey to self development and an asset to anyone interested in the power of Energy Healing

Lauren Fiore


Robyn, thank you so much for the energy work you've conducted on me in opening my heart to love! You removed my imbalances and by doing so, I was able to attract my loving life-partner!! I am so grateful to you for your ongoing energy work and loving approach! I appreciate the work you do and HIGHlY recommend your services to anyone wanting to change their life! Thank you!

lilirosa dance

Lili Rosa

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