Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.How long does a session usually last?

    A.Most sessions can take up to an hour

  • Q.What happens during a session?

    A.Each session is personalized around one’s individual needs and is therefore different for each person

  • Q.How much do you charge?

    A.This can fluctuate so the best way to find out is to click on a purchase button or contact me by email

  • Q.Are you open for collaboration projects?

    A.Yes, the best way to contact me is by email and be sure to include the project details

  • Q.Do you accept payment methods other than PayPal?

    A.PayPal does offer debit and credit card transactions without opening a PayPal account. I also do except cryptocurrency transactions. Contact be by email for more info about this payment method. If these options still do not suit your needs, please feel free to contact me by email

  • Q.Do you really offer a Grarantee?

    A.Yes! If you absolutely feel your first session did not go as you planned and do not wish the further use of my services, then you will be refunded. Just send me an email within 3o days of the first session. No refunds will be given after the first session.

  • Q.Is your service covered by insurance?

    A.No, not to my current knowledge.

  • Q.Who do you work with?

    A.I can work with a wide variety of people – Clients who come to me must be ready to commit to their personal and business growth and they should be open to new perspectives; ready to invest energy and resources into achieving their desired results.

  • Q.How long does coaching last?

    A.New clients usually start with a 3-6 month commitment but most clients choose to continue on for longer.

  • Q.How do you contact me for a session?

    A.The majority of sessions are currently over the phone but Skype is also an option.

  • Q.What is your background?

    A.See the about me page for more info.

  • Q.How do you help your clients?

    A.See the about me page for more info.

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